The Dishonesty of ‘New Atheism’

I recently watched a debate between William Lane Craig and Lawrence Krauss; the former, a Christian Philosopher, and the latter, an atheist physicist – and I was overcome by a familiar frustration I’ve come to expect while watching atheists debate theists on the question of God and morality.  Time and again, Craig made the point that […]

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Reason Eats Itself

Have you considered the possibility that ‘Reason’ might just be taking us all for fools?  That it gives us just enough truth for us to trust it on a day to day basis but on the really big questions it’s just playing a game of bait and switch?  In what follows I will argue that Reason might not […]

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You Don’t Have Free Will

Yes.  It most likely is the case that your DNA “made you do it” along with a vast array of other factors that swirl around in the cauldron of human causality.  So let me try to prove it to you now, by argument, that you don’t have freedom of will… Consider, for a moment, what it actually […]

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